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Old Friends Reunions

Britain is a nation of nostalgics longing to rekindle ties with bygone pals
- and the friendships we forge at school are the ones that we most want to

New research from BT reveals that more than six million people attend school
reunions every year and almost half of us - 45 per cent - would like to be
reacquainted with our schoolmates. Other findings include: 

*Reminiscing has never been so popular as almost half of us want to get back
in touch for 'old times sake'.
*More than a third of us - 39 per cent - want to renew a friendship and
almost an equal number  - 34 per cent - are keen to relive memories.
*Nearly half of the people surveyed said that they dreamt about people from
the past, and a quarter did so regularly.
*Old flames still burn brightly for one in five men who would like to get
back in touch with an ex-girlfriend and of these, ten per cent would like to
rekindle a romance.

Technology is playing a key role in helping Britons get back in touch with
people from their past. Together with email, the Internet has made it easier
for 40 per cent of us to track down acquaintances that we had lost contact
with. It has also become an established tool for organising a reunion, 72
per cent of respondents would use the Internet or email to track down their
old acquaintances.

BT has recently launched a new advertising campaign aimed at demonstrating
how technology can help individuals make connections in their everyday
lives. Every connection brings greater possibilities and the more
connections we make, the more possibilities we have. The advertisement
features two middle-aged men who attended school together, being reunited.

The latest BT research shows that reunions are definitely having a positive
impact on Britons. More than a third of people who attended a reunion in the
last year got their friendship back on track, and one in ten have resolved a

However, reunions are also leading to some furtive behaviour. One in twenty
of us who have met up or kept in contact with an ex or old friend since
attending a reunion are keeping this a secret from our current partner.
Women are almost three times as likely as men to keep quiet about their
dangerous liaisons.

Amanda Mackenzie, director of marketing services, BT Retail, said: "All the
things we are doing every day at BT help bring people together and create
possibilities. And this research demonstrates how our technology and
applications mean that even connections we thought had gone forever can be