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Guide to finding lost friends

Guide to finding lost friends

With the growth of the Internet and the improved quality of search results, more people are heading to the Internet in search of old friends, lost family members and old flames. We can probably all name an old friend or family member from the past that they've lost touch with and would like to find. has taken the work out of looking for old friends by using quick search and reverse lookup technology to help you link up with friends from the past more quickly.

  • Use our search facilities to help find lost school friends, family, workmates, forces friends or pals from clubs you were once involved in.

  • Add your details – someone may be looking for you!

It’s probable that most of us to think about getting back in touch with old friends. If you've read this far, the chances are that you are interested in rekindling old relationships. One important thing to keep in mind in the world of people search is that just as you might be looking to find someone, they might also be looking to find you.

  • Add a photo – someone may not remember your name but remember your face.

  • Tell others about the site – more people using the site means more chance of contact being made.

  • Add a monthly reminder to your calendar to check the site – new users are adding details all the time.

  • Add to your ‘favorites‘.

  • Use the Links page to find related sites.

If you happen to know the school or college that the person attended, you have an excellent starting point. Most schools have some type of alumni association and it's becoming more and more common to find these organizations on the web. You may wish to try contacting the alumni group and asking them.

It still takes time to locate people that you’ve lost touch with, but thanks to the Internet, it's getting easier to put you in touch with the individual you are looking for.