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Success stories has grown phenomenally over the past 12 months and users of the site continue to have increasing success in finding lost friends and relatives.

Here are some recent quotes:-

  • "Thanks to myoldmate we have contacted our best man after 34 years. Best xmas gift ever. Also a big thank you to all involved. Keep up the good work. J & D."

  • "Many thanks for your great web site. Found my cousin after 46 years since last seen and spoke to on her wedding day in August 1958. One phone call and I was connected. Brill. Many thanks. GP."

  • "I have been searching for relatives lost, and came across my cousin while searching your site. Thank you so much - I have been searching since '95".

  • "Thanks to your website I have just got in touch with Maria. We were best friends for years but lost touch. That was 37 yrs ago and I have just found her through your website. I am going to meet her tomorrow."

  • "Through your site I made contact with a friend who was best man at my wedding back in 1974. My most sincere thanks. S.S. (Coventry)".

  • "So far this is the easiest surname search I have found. Regards LP".

  • "I recently found my Father, FB, who was missing. He is 77. We hope to visit him soon. Thank you everyone for all the help that you gave us, and good luck with the site, I had not seen my father for over 20 years so it has been a lovely surprise and dedicated people like you make dreams come true. I would say to other people searching for missing people etc, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!! I didn't. Thank you once again J&MB ( Holland)".

  • "25 hours after leaving his name on your website, Pete's sister e-mailed. After 46 hours (i.e. a further 21 hours later), I was on the phone chatting to a friend I hadn't seen for close on 25 years..........................RESULT!!!!!!!!!! S.C".

  • "Placed message on January 8th looking for lost friend. Within 24 hours received message giving me an address for her. Today received a letter 'snail mail'. After many years of searching we are now in touch for the first time since 1969. Brilliant site. H.P., NZ".

  • "Hi in only a few weeks ive made contact will old mate after 35years. I got 1 reply a few hours after i signed up from another member who remembered his family. After i got a rough area were he moved to i checked the electoral register there were 3 people with the same name so i wrote to all of them. Today i got a reply thanks hope i am able to help someone else on your site. Thanks especially to xxxxxx who email me. Anonymous.".

  • "My mum lost contact with her 2 brothers and one sister 65 years ago when they all went in to a convent. Not only did we find all of them, but also a brother we did not know about, and a sister who never new she had two brothers. This was very special as they are all over 70, and time was of the upmost. Thank you. Mary..".

The administrators of are always interested to hear of successful searches, and are quite often contacted by the media (TV and press) who enquire about the achievements of the site.

As such, always appreciates Feedback on any success stories, which will always be treated with the greatest of confidence.

Note:- privacy on is always of paramount importance and no specific details of any successes will be divulged without the full agreement and acceptance of all parties. 

Thanks and good luck with your searches.